ITGI Capital, Inc. offers private investment in project development and commodity transactions. Our mining projects can use environmentally-friendly technology and renewable energy for power.

ITGI Capital, Inc. has worldwide contacts in the private financial investment industry and secures capital funding for transactions and projects. We focus on raising capital for environmental technology that reduces hazardous chemicals and reduces emissions. In addition, we form JV partnerships with companies and provide private resources to bring projects from design to production.

Our Key Role Is To:
  • Develop an outreach for like-minded investors/investment vehicles.
  • Enhance internal/external synergies for our partners.
  • Assess and support new prospects.
  • Conduct front-end due diligence.
  • Originate investments and projects.
  • Provide leadership towards our strategic goals in the short, medium and
    long term.
Examples of Mining Finance

Three type of financing include, but not limited to:

  • Debt (Bank Loans, Bonds, etc.)
  • Assets (Net Profits, Royalties, etc.)
  • Equity

Most traditional lenders (such as banks) have not returned to lending on mining projects due to their highly technical nature and predict adequately amount of risk in a project. This makes it very hard for small to medium size miners to get their projects from development to production. 

Exploration, Project Evaluation, and Development are the stages of higher risk to get to lower risk of production for financing. Debt finance solutions on pre-revenue for most small to medium size companies are very limited due to the rigidity of typical bank structured finance and not suited for most companies. In addition, country and political risk assessments make it very difficult for traditional structured finance.

ITGI Capital, Inc. works with private financial partners to provide creative and innovative ways to bring mining projects from early stages to production.